To introduce global advanced medical research into China
To expose China's indigenous medical research to the world

At the just-concluded International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) European Conference 2022,??Huashu?representatives, along with AG experts, presented a presentation on the application of machine learning to real-world research. Among them, the representative of Huashu hematology disease model focused on introducing the practical problems that Huashu hematology disease model can solve in the real world, the advantages and performance of the model and algorithm. And introduced to the conference the current disease types and data volume of Huashu hematology consortium. The presentation was well received.


Why Choose Us?

Core Research Team

The research team is led by Dr. Qiong Wu, a leading figure in international medical and health economics. It brings together professionals with rich scientific research and market experience in medicine, biostatistics, health policy, information technology and operation, and has a strong advisory team at home and abroad in various fields.

Global customer Resources

Through the in-depth cooperation with Analysis Group in the field of medical big data, Huashu can quickly establish and continuously develop the medical and health big data analysis capability in line with the international frontier standards, and obtain the recognition of many leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and a large number of cooperation opportunities with international pharmaceutical companies.

Develop the platform independently

According to domestic characteristics, Huashu has independently developed and established disease models and corresponding statistical analysis platforms based on real world medical big data that meet international scientific research and market access standards. With 13 independent intellectual property rights, Huashu will cover more than two-thirds of major diseases in the future.

Technology empower data

Huashu continues to enable new and old data, comprehensively and deeply mining, processing and analyzing large-scale, multi-institution, multi-format, heterogeneous medical health and health economic data, enabling medical innovation, iteration, government public decision-making, medical health management and medical research.

Product & services

Special case system services

To provide medical institutions and expert teams with special disease database research cohort (special disease database) and statistical analysis system.

Medical data analysis services

Huashu provides medical and health big data analysis project services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises.

Design Consulting Services

Provide consulting support to domestic IT system suppliers and data analysis companies.

Customized Service

Huashu provides whole-life cycle data governance, analysis and evidence-driven overall solutions and strategic consulting services for the government, health insurance institutions, medical institutions and related researchers.

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Medical research institute

IT System supplier

Data consulting Company

Other institutions

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